Many travelers planning a visit to Chile, particularly to the Pumas of Pumaland, should bear in mind that while that far south already, one might consider an “open-jaw” itinerary design that involves entering South America or leaving South America through Buenos Aires. This design allows you to see both Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires on the same tour, and also to add two extraordinary sites in Patagonian Argentina to this clever trip design: Perito Moreno Glacier and Peninsula Valdés. We will not belabor this suggestion now, but suffice to say that Perito Moreno is one of the most dramatic, most actively-calving glaciers in the world, and Peninsula Valdés offers an amazing combination and concentration of sea mammals and sea birds. In a typical, half-day visit to Perito Moreno, you witness the equivalent of a 27-story building collapse into the lake in front of you, and Peninsula Valdés is world famous for being the only site in the world where Orcas (Killer Whales) hunt baby sea lions by rushing headlong at the hapless pinnipeds in the shallow surf along a steep, pebble beach. The Orcas partially beach themselves during this unique hunting maneuver and then flap their tails to pull themselves back into the sea.