Every birder and wildlife photographer wants to see Harpy Eagle, the most spectacular, most powerful bird of prey on Earth. Until 26 May 2017, serious nature travelers spending even an entire week in lodges in the remotest, wildest corners of the Amazon (for instance, Manu River, Upper Tambopata River, Heath River, Piedras River) had a one in a thousand chance of seeing and photographing that majestic raptor well.

All that has changed, for thanks to our new, unique method of locating Harpy Eagle nests, SouthWild can now guarantee that even on a ONE DAY visit to our Harpy Tower, you will see Harpy Eagle WELL and probably will get very good photos. If you spend two or three days on our Harpy Tower, your chances of getting very good photos is 99.99999%. In fact, we have never missed in all the 25 visits our biologists and staff have made to the tower, which just opened for business on 20 May 2017.

This tower is located only one hour by car from Alta Floresta. Space is limited on the tower, so contact us for details. Up to 8 people can stand comfortably on top of the tower at one time. Add the Harpy Eagle as an extension to a Jaguar trip with us.