1. All the top, most spectacular, most iconic mammals of tropical South America, all cheek-by-jowl. All you have to do is sit and wait, sipping iced drinks while keeping cool in the tropical heat by wearing our unique, custom-made, SouthWild ice vests. The reason that this lake draws such an amazing cast of thirsty characters is that SouthWild researchers have discovered that during the driest period each year in the Pantanal, namely from 1 August to 20 October, Jaguar Lake represents the only clean, available body of water in an area of parched savanna and woodland covering 30 square kilometers (12 square miles). It is literally “the only game in town”.
    2. In the dry season, the lake features the most extraordinary, golf-green-like margin around the entire edge of the 400-meter-long, 120-meter-wide, kidney-shaped lake. The lake is set 12 km (7 miles) south of the Piquirí River, deep in the southern half of the 42,000-acre Santana Ranch.
    3. The lake is ringed by a darker green background of 8-15-m-tall bushes and trees, which act as a perfect backdrop for prize-winning photos.
    4. The lake’s clean, still lake surface of dark water makes for the most mesmerizing, reflective images of the parade of charismatic vertebrates who come to the water’s edge daily during the period of 1 August to 20 October.
    5. Photographers record nearly daily interactions between Jaguars and other large mammals such as Tapirs, Giant Anteaters, Marsh Deer, White-lipped Peccaries, and others.
    6. All the thirsty wildlife is not just present, but already habituated to human observers thanks to years of protection offered by a partnership between SouthWild and the visionary ranch owners.
    7. SouthWild photographers enjoy total, 100% privacy, as the lake sits in the middle of the ranch, and SouthWild has an exclusive concession to develop and manage ecotourism on the entire ranch.

SouthWild is taking reservations now for a select few of the most discerning, demanding photographers to be among the very few to visit this entirely-land-locked lake in the period of 1 August-20 October 2018 and 1 August-20 October 2019.