Private Jaguars in an Intimate Setting

Advantages of SouthWild’s expeditions to Jaguar Retreat are:

  1. JR’s private location, fully 57 curves (meaning 27 km) up the Three Brothers River. The next closest Jaguar tourists are sleeping in two house boats located 800 meters up the Piquiri River, which means 35 km by river from Jaguar Retreat. When you find a Jaguar on any of the 20-30 curves downstream or 15-20 curves upstream from Jaguar Retreat, you are guaranteed to be either the first boat or one of just a few boats that find it first and have it alone for tens or scores of minutes, or even hours.
  2. JR is such an intimate lodge that your group will likely fill most or all of the lodge. Small and private is the new luxury, and that is Jaguar Retreat.
  3. Travelers who were thinking of suffering cramped guest rooms on otherwise-attractive house boats such as those found at the mouth of the Piquiri River now can come to Jaguar Retreat and enjoy infinitely more space in each room, in common areas, and outside as well. At JR, you can walk on the birding trail right behind Jaguar Retreat and stretch your legs. So Jaguar Retreat offers 20 times, 100 times more space to roam than the standard house boats. No more feeling of claustrophobia that house boats can create.
  4. You can have the same SouthWild quality of guides and enjoy the SouthWild Lodge experience (with our signature Ocelots), the same SouthWild Safari Trucks (with bucket seats), the same quality of Jaguar ID, SouthWild’s unique, after-dinner scientific lectures.
  5. In 2018, Jaguar Retreat is SouthWild’s choice for the four nights that are the heart of our six-night Jaguar Extreme Fixed Departures. The first and last nights of these six-night tours will continue to be at SouthWild Pantanal (also known as “Santa Tereza”), which now is world-famous for its nearly nightly viewing of habituated, wild Ocelots from only 5-8 meters. In July 2017, Nat Geo TV’s special “Earth Live”show broadcast our Ocelots live worldwide.
  6. Regarding the boat transfers between Jaguar Retreat and Porto Jofre, it takes 75 min going 40 kmph to reach the lodge from Porto Jofre. After 14 years of ground-breaking Jaguar research and conservation, SouthWild now can state with certainty that the ideal speed for searching for and detecting Jags is 25-28 km p h, and at those speeds, it takes 90 min to reach the lodge from Porto Jofre. The boat trip might take a while, but it features the best in habituated Jaguars and Giant Otters, and pure, protected wilderness.

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