Stretching from 12,000-foot-high montane grasslands and elfin forests down through mid-elevation cloud forests to extensive lowland Amazon rainforest, the five-million-acre Manu National Park is the jewel in the crown of the national park system of Peru. The wildlife of the Manu is the most diverse in the world, but most of the park is inaccessible to visitors or takes long journeys to get to. For those with a spirit of exploration and keen interest in the most dramatic biological transect in the world, the Manu Biotrip Extreme is the ideal journey. This trip starts in Cusco with a land journey through high Andes and down from elfin forests to the lowlands, and then finishes with wildlife spectacles on the white sand beaches of the languid, sinuous, 140-meter-wide Manu River. Some of the lodges on this voyage of discovery feature such rarities as the world’s most reliable location to site Brazilian Tapirs for 15-30 minutes at a time at only 12-17 meters away and private oxbow lakes and the world’s finest photography of Scarlet Macaws at close range. An expedition to Manu demands a significant number of days, but is the ultimate trip for those who wish to be modern-day Darwins.