One hears so much about the Galapagos Islands that travelers tend to overlook the impressive wildlife spectacles of the dramatic desert seacoast of Peru. SouthWild is the first company to perfect guaranteed photo opportunities from distances of only 1-2 meters of two of the world’s most beautiful seabirds—the Inca Tern and the Peruvian Pelican. The latter is fully 30% larger than the similar-looking Brown Pelican of the coastal United States. To see 10-25 Peruvian Pelicans at 1-5 meters from you is a privilege, for as these huge birds come in to land on perpetually-glassy water next to your small boat, they look more like pterodactyls than birds. The islands off the coast of the Paracas Reserve have so many seabirds that the great penguin biologist Dr. Dee Boersma commented that the spectacle competes favorably with the familiar wildlife attractions of the Galapagos.