SouthWild co-founder Dr. Charles Munn made the macaw clay licks of Peru famous in his National Geographic cover story of 1994 and in numerous TV documentaries since then. Of the 120 large macaw licks that Munn has mapped to date throughout the Amazon of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil, however, travelers can photograph only large licks from a distance of only 25-29 meters—the lick that lies 10 minutes by boat from the very private Heath River Wildlife Center. In 2017, HRWC is adding all-night cooling from moveable pedestal fans, two for each private guest bungalow as well as four more for the dining room. The forest wildlife of HRWC is as good as the best fauna in Manu, but is much easier to reach, and there is a very attractive oxbow lake within 10 minutes by boat and foot of the lodge. Finally, the unique feature of HWRC that no other lodge in the entire Amazon Basin has is access to tropical savannas featuring very different birds and mammals from the regular Amazon forest wildlife.