Central Amazon Meeting of the Waters & Wildlife

For travelers who may only visit the Amazon once and want a short itinerary that includes both the dramatic “Meeting-of-Waters” at Manaus and some high-quality, close-up wildlife, we have designed several unique itineraries that offer the world’s biggest and most striking river confluence along with private time with three species of wild monkeys at less than 3 meters, and two other species of monkeys at 10-18 meters. One of the last two is extremely endangered and bizarre, while the other is strange and little known. Both are visible at 10-20 meters on a guaranteed basis.  

We also offer the amazing experience of floating quietly in warm, clean, transparent river waters while observing Pink River Dolphins at only 30 cm (one foot).

While visiting the Pink Dolphins, we recommend adding a boat outing or scenic overflight in a float plane to marvel at the extreme scenic beauty of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, an extensive archipelago of 600 verdant river islands and white sand beaches, all reflected in the mirrorlike waters of the Rio Negro.

If you have just a bit more time. we recommend a few nights in a floating lodge in the world’s largest flooded forest, where you can see the famous and extremely strange White Uakari Monkey,    as well as the world’s largest protected population of endangered Black Caimans, which is an extremely handsome crocodilian that grows to a maximum of 18 feet and therefore is one of the two largest aquatic predators of the entire Amazon.

And for birders and bird photographers, we recommend a two-day outing to view Guianan Cocks-of-the-Rock displaying at traditional dancing grounds.  This blazing-orange, quail-sized bird is one of the 50 most beautiful birds on Earth. These sites are only a 3-h drive from Manaus, making them the most accessible locations in the world to view and photograph this must-see species, all in comfort.

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