Colca Canyon, Arequipa

At 10,700 feet deep and 60 miles long, the Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and offers spectacular scenery as well as the best spot in the tropical Andean countries to see the majestic Andean Condors up close. The canyon is reached by driving several hours from Peru’s second largest city, Arequipa, a city of 1.1 million that is known as “the White City” thanks to its having been built almost entirely of a white volcanic rock called “sillar”.

Although the sunny climate of Arequipa and its position at the foot of the towering, snowcapped, occasionally-active, 19,101-foot-high Misti Volcano make the city extremely pleasant and scenic, it is really its function as the gateway to Colca Valley that makes Arequipa worth visiting either on the way in or way out.

A visit to Colca offers views of rare, wild camels such as vicuñas and guanacos as well as views of Andean Condors flying at close range almost every morning at a specific overlook in the valley. Two indigenous highland tribes still inhabit the valley and maintain many of their colorful traditions.
In addition to the condors flying at close range, the other main scenic attraction of the valley are the extensive, very striking-looking, pre-Inca agricultural terraces.

A number of very stylish lodges exist in the valley offering high-quality lodging during a typical two- or three-night stay in the valley. It is possible to enjoy a number of different activities while in Colca, so ask our team how to enjoy the valley in style and comfort, and at a flexible pace that is ideal for you.
Ask our team for details.

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