Giant Anteater Guaranteed

One of our very favorite mammals is the Giant Anteater, a lumbering, powerful, 41-kilo (90 pound) termite-mound destroyer with a very long nose and black racing stripes on its side. If you give us two full days at locations that we have found near Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul State, our biologist guides have developed special techniques over the past 20 years that allow guaranteed, extended sightings of this astounding animal, often from distances of only 3-10 meters. 

Giant Anteaters are famous for having a slow gait and poor vision, and our highly-experienced guides have decades of practice on how to sneak up on these bizarre, powerful creatures for prize-winning photo ops.  Quite often, we find mother Giant Anteaters carrying a miniature version of herself on her back, with the baby looking for all the world like an adorable plush toy.
When trying to get close to a Giant Anteater, it is vitally important that you have have a highly-experienced guide, as the lowly anteater is one of the very few animals that terrifies Jaguars. When threatened, this otherwise slow, awkward, apparently-harmless creature turns into a deadly knife-fighter.  It sits upright and rapidly swings its long, outstretched front legs, each of which sports a four-inch-long (ten-cm-long), razor-sharp claw. When one of those knife-like claws penetrates a Jaguar, the anteater then immediately contracts its extremely powerful front leg muscles and closes the claw like a vise, cutting through any and all tissue. After all, the anteater spends all day every day using those claws to cut through and destroy huge, rock-hard termite mounds. 

Ask us for details, as this location also features the world’s finest photo ops of flocks and pairs of Red-and-Green Macaws and of very tame, wild fish in crystal clear water. All the hotels on this trip are delightfully air-conditioned.

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