Golden Lion Tamarin Guaranteed

The Golden Lion Tamarin is not only one of the most beautiful animals in the world, but an amazing success story in conservation. In 1970, the global population of this glowing, 540-gram (1.2-pound) primate was down to a mere 200 individuals. This endangered tamarin is native to the rainforests north of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Fortunately, since then, an international effort to breed them in zoos and reintroduce them to their native forests has brought the wild population up to 2,500. The scarce remaining patches of lowland rainforest north of Rio now are protected and are regrowing, so the future for this tamarin is looking rosy.


SouthWild offers a unique, custom-designed chance to interview this little rock star of the rainforest in the wild, and at only 3-10 meters from your camera lens.  Three families of six tamarins can be visited in a lush tropical rainforest that lies only a two-hour drive from the best hotels of the city of Rio, and the outing fits comfortably into a half-day, leaving the second half of the day for other fun in Rio.  Therefore, you can return to your air-conditioned, sea-side hotel on the finest beaches in Rio and enjoy a flexible itinerary customized just for your tastes.

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