Welcome to Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso

Welcome to Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso

Bordered by the “Horto Florestal Tote Garcia” arboretum and the “Ze Bolo Flor” Park and boasting a setting covered with lush foliage and walking paths, Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso is a green oasis where guestscan see impressive wildlife even inside the city of Cuiaba. While a bit further from the city’s shops, bars, and restaurants, this hotel offers natural habitat with comfortable accommodation at only twenty minutes from the airport.

SouthWild guests travel to Brazil to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and abundant wildlife. Thus, it’s not surprising that they also would like to view charismatic wildlife even during their nights in the bustling city of Cuiaba. Guests for whom the phrase “too much wildlife” does not exist definitely should consider a stay at Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso at the start or end of their adventure in the Pantanal or Southern Amazon.

Only 6 km from the city center and 12 km from the airport, this hotel is a true urban oasis. Set in 25 hectares (62 acres) of greenery and adjacent to two forested parks, the hotel grounds are home to a variety of tropical birds that will excite even the most serious birders. Plus, during a morning or evening stroll along the river, guests can catch glimpses of two species of monkeys, capybaras, caimans, and other wildlife.

There are several good, nearby restaurants, but the hotel’s delicious Brazilian comfort food is one of the best dining options in the area. Hotel guests rave about the hotel’s large buffet breakfast, which is free for guests.

The Hotel Fazenda Mato Grasso has 51 guest rooms, each individually and uniquely decorated, and the hotel offers plenty of activities to entertain guests. The hotel features all the amenities you would expect from an up-scale hotel and more, from on-site dining, two swimming pools, a multi-sports court, and even a soccer field.

Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso is an emerald in the city of Cuiaba; you won’t find a place like this in many cities in Brazil or anywhere else, for that matter.

Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso provides lots of quirky “extras” that distinguish it from other hotels in the area. The hotel offers plenty of fun activities for both kids and the young-at-heart including two outdoor swimming pools (one with a waterfall feature!), sports facilities including multi-purpose courts and soccer field, and lots of walking paths for seeing some wildlife. The rooms are individually-decorated so each room is unique; extra touches like teakettles, satellite TV, and bidets make the accommodation extra special.

Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso

When to visit Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso

Cuiabá is your gateway to the lush Southern Amazon and wild Pantanal. The city serves as a launchpad for SouthWild’s many adventures in the heart of Brazil.

The 50-million-acre Pantanal, including the 250,000 acres that we affectionately call “Jaguarland”, is the perfect place to see Jaguars, Ocelots, Brazilian Tapirs, Giant Otters, Capybaras, Hyacinth Macaws and much, much more. The luxuriant Southern Amazon is home to 600 species of tropical birds, 80 species of mammals, and immense diversity of flowering plants. Notably, it is the best location on Earth to see the majestic Harpy Eagle and its adorable, fluffy, pure-white chicks! As these wild locations are remote, guests first need to fly nonstop from São Paulo or Brasilia to Cuiabá to start their SouthWild adventure in the Pantanal or Southern Amazon.

The best time of year to take a trip to the Pantanal is 1 June through 15 November. During this season, the weather is favorable, and the wildlife is most visible. The Southern Amazon, on the other hand, has no “best” season; it is beautiful and teeming with life year-round and never has noticeable mosquitoes! If you are interested in visiting active Harpy Eagle nests with tiny babies and huge adults, the best months are December through June.

For more information, visit our South American Destinations tab at the top of the page.

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Dining options are limited in the area surrounding the hotel, but the on-site dining is so good that you’ll never need to step foot off the property. The hotel boasts a restaurant serving delicious Brazilian comfort food, a deli with sandwiches and snacks, and a bar. The hotel is renowned for its exquisite breakfast buffet, which features an array of tropical fruits, sweet pastries, refreshing juices, and Brazilian breakfast dishes. The best part? It’s absolutely free to all guests. This artfully-displayed spread is offered every morning and it’s absolutely worth waking up to get your fill. Make sure that you don’t oversleep and miss this festive breakfast blowout.

In addition to the restaurant’s extravagant breakfast buffet, the restaurant also serves lunch and dinner with a menu consisting of traditional Brazilian food and international favorites. Guests are particularly fond of the pizza, saying it is some of the best available in all of Cuiabá. The hotel grounds are also home to a deli that serves sandwiches and snacks throughout the day. Stop by the hotel bar if you’re feeling like a drink or just a fun location to relax. If you arrive on a late flight and miss the dinner service, the bar comes to the rescue, as it offers sándwiches and snacks.

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