The Pantanal offers the finest wildlife viewing in the Americas. Overlooked by history, the savannas and forests of the largest freshwater wetland in the world protects countless mammals, reptiles and birds.
But above all it is the refuge for the mesmerizing Pantanal Jaguars. We discovered them. Let us show them to you.
The UK-sized Pantanal is a seasonally-flooded wonderland in the upper part of the Paraguay River watershed.

SouthWild lodges are strategically sited at the very best locations in the entire Pantanal to see the two top predators of the region—the charismatic Giant Otter and the lordly Jaguar.

In a feat worthy of Fitzcarraldo, SouthWild has created air-conditioned, stateroom-sized Jaguar Suites floating on the Cuiaba River, creating the best possible base to view Jaguars whenever they reveal themselves.

Technology is in the service of conservation as our guides and scout boats are equipped with the most advanced communications and spotting equipment, and our special spotter boats in eastern “Jaguarland” work only for SouthWild guests.

Join just a few thousand people who have ever seen these majestic animals in the wild.