Welcome to Piuval Lodge

Piuval Lodge is a surprisingly-Jaguar-rich, extremely-accessible lodge at only km 7 of the 145-km-long, raised Transpantaneira road that penetrates the heart of the north Pantanal. Large as well as standard suites, good Hyacinth Macaws, and excellent waterbirds on the scenic plains around the lodge. Best visited Monday through Friday, when few local families from Cuiabá can crowd the lodge.

Piuval Lodge is located in the center of a 17,000-acre, working cattle ranch that lies surprisingly-close to Cuiabá, yet offers a spectacular, widlife-rich introduction to the Pantanal. In 2021, the lodge amazed everyone by suddenly and unexpectedly announcing that they had 4-6 very tame, wild Jaguars visible on many days and evenings within 100-2000 meters of the lodge. On some evenings, the lodge even had Jaguars photographed from their open safari trucks, in the lights of the lodge, within 100 m of the lodge, and not even late. We have some ideas about how this miracle of tame, visible Jaguars might have happened at Piuval, but for now, it is important just to protect and to enjoy them.

The lodge has 20 perfectly-comfortable, air-conditioned guest rooms with en suite facilities, and 11 newer, larger, better appointed suites. The large dining room is also fully air-conditioned whenever it is too warm to enjoy meals with just ambient outside air.

Through 2020, the lodge also was quite good for Giant Anteaters, but it seems that in 2021, the ubiquitous presence of the newly-tame Jaguars scared the anteaters into hiding.

The pool and lounge and bar by the pool are notably fine, as are the grounds around the lodge. Hyacinth Macaws are common in the palm trees on the lodge grounds, making Piuval the first and closest site in the world from a major airport, namely Cuiabá, that offers views of this, the world’s largest and most spectacular parrot species.

In years of normal amounts of rainfall, this property is famous for its motorboat wildlife outings on a large lake located only 2 km from the lodge, but from August to January, that lake always is too shallow for this boating fun.

Piuval Lodge Accommodations

Piuval Lodge offers some of the finest guest rooms in all the Pantanal, namely their new, large suites. Their standard rooms also are perfectly comfortable and acceptable in every way. All guest rooms are equipped with split air conditioners and en suite, hot-shower bathrooms.

The dining tables are located in different parts of the lodge’s rather large dining room, which makes it easy for groups to have their own private or separate space far from other guests.

The most outstanding aspect of the lodge location is the stunning, peaceful views of large natural pastures leading out to infinity in most directions from the lodge. An excellent variety of large and small waterbirds and grassland birds as well as Capybaras tend to be visible just from the roofed, open verandas that ring most side of the lodge complex.

As we have explained earlier, the rather excellent, large swimming pool and its associated, open-air lounge and bar are very attractive and are much better developed than are those of most of the lodges on the Transpantaneira Road. Most of our guests are not very interested in swimming or lounging about, as we keep them pretty busy with wildlife outings, but it nevertheless is fun to take a cooling dip and sip a mixed drink, soft drink, beer, or wine near the pool at Piuval. Once again, we also mention here that the lodge is best visited on Monday through Friday rather than on the weekend, as families, couples, and groups of friends from Cuiabá often fill the lodge and pool and bar on weekends.

Accommodation & Amenities

  • 22 standard rooms with split air conditioning and en suite, hot-shower bathrooms
  • 11 newer, larger, better appointed premium suites, all with split air conditioning, and larger bathrooms.
  • Large, multi-room dining room, with much of it air conditioned during hot days.
  • Excellent, rather large swimming pool and lounge (and gameroom, for families)
  • Wi-Fi available in every room and common areas
  • Hairdryers
  • 24-h electricity

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