Tapir Guaranteed

At 250 kilos (550 pounds), the comical Brazilian Tapir is the largest land animal in South America. Tapirs are related to horses, and the most widespread of the four tapir species of the world is the Brazilian Tapir. Normally, Brazilian Tapirs are so ridiculously shy that in most parts of their extensive range that they are almost completely invisible, seen as seldom as Jaguars are seen in most Amazonian sites.

SouthWild scientists are fanatical about Brazilian Tapirs, and in 1996 in the southwest Amazon, and continually since then, we have operated novel methods of guarantee viewing of this extremely entertaining, notably-amphibious beast.

In 2007 and then in 2019 at SouthWild Pantanal, we extended and perfected our 1996 method and further improved our world’s finest viewing of wild tapirs. On 80% of evenings, our guests watch one or two wild tapirs at only 5-15 meters.
The tapir of the evening parades around in full, multi-source lighting in a natural forest setting for one to two hours. All this tapir fun at SouthWild Pantanal takes place at the end of a 500-meter-long (550-yard-long) trail leading from the air-conditioned lodge. This degree of convenience and comfort is hard to imagine, tapirs on demand.

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