Three Biggest Mistakes in Nature Travel

  • Booking flights too early. This is a classic penny wise and pound foolish mistake. Fixed flights put you in a strait jacket and often disqualify you from itineraries that can save you far more money or include more places and animals.
  • The importance of guides. Poor or poorly equipped guides can ruin even the best planned trip. It is worth your while to research the quality of your guides. Nowadays, a good indication is the equipment they use. Depending on the destination, we can teach you about the right optical gear, clothing, repellents, and other important items.
  • Overcrowding. It’s unpleasant but okay to go to the Louvre with a thousand other people. It’s disastrous to try to see elusive animals in overcrowded vehicles and boats. You have the right to get straight answers about how many other people will be on your trip and in your vehicle.

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